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INVITATION: Peace Builders of the Earth
- Take the Global Peace Walk (GPW) - 
["March For Peace" and make your own 'Peace Pilgrimage' to Dr. King's Birthplace]

In the ways Atlanta inspires peace - please learn from us.
In the ways Atlanta needs to learn peace - please teach us.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is the most globally-referenced Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. This is the biggest reason we launched the Global Peace Walk (GPW) project. We are now seeking key collaborators and sponsors for developing an annual "March for Peace" in Dr. King's birthplace (imagine peace-builders from around the world plus 10% of Georgia's 2,000,000 public school children coming to Centennial Olympic Park to participate? Park capacity, 200,000! Check back for event date "To Be Announced" later).

Dr. Yunus, the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, visited Atlanta in 2010 and our mother organization, Atlanta: City of Peace, Inc. (ACP) invited him to be a key co-founder and to help us transform Atlanta into a global capital of peace (his decision pending). However, the City of Atlanta has made him an 
official part-time resident.
Nobel recipient Muhammad Yunus promotes Atlanta as city of peace
"Yunus said he envisioned Atlanta hosting a community-wide “March for Peace” event
during the proposed Nobel Summit in 2015, and he added that it could become an annual event."
(Note: Sadly, the Nobel Summit did not transpire)

Even so, we are inviting world leaders who excel in their national governments, or in their international companies, or in 'community building' for their countries to connect with us, and inaugurate "The Global Peace Walk." We envision the Global Peace Walk as an ongoing promo throughout the year with the proposed "March For Peace" as an annual event to, perhaps, coincide with Sept 21st, which is the UN International Day of Peace. Both the ongoing and annual events will celebrate Atlanta's global peace legacy and nurture health to our entire Global Family...

"World Leaders, when you 'Pilgrimage' to Atlanta,
( Dr. Martin Luther King's birthplace )
please email us and make a public statement
in support or sponsorship of the Global Peace Walk."

In 1959, when Dr. King first traveled to India to "walk in the footsteps" of Gandhi his teacher, he told a group of reporters gathered at the airport:
“To other countries I may go as a tourist, but to India I come as a pilgrim.”

And now... in this early part of the 21st Century and the Peace Millennium, millions of annual tourists are traveling to Atlanta to learn more of Dr. King and see where he was born, and where he authored "I HAVE A DREAM", plus to see the tombs of he and Mrs. Coretta Scott King and also the Eternal Flame nearby. To these millions of travelers arriving at "ATL: The World's Busiest Airport" we invite you to help us popularize this inspiring proclamation:
"To other countries I may go as a tourist,
but to India & Atlanta: City of Peace I come as a pilgrim.."

Philanthropists and Corporate Sponsors are invited to help us purchase 1,000,000 Global Peace Walk (GPW) and "March For Peace" t-shirts so international visitors who register through our contact page, and come to our Headquarters may receive a free t-shirt. Various logo designs are now being considered, and companies specialized in logo design are invited to offer options. Year 2014 was a wonderful year to launch the Global Peace Walk (GPW) project because it especially celebrates and memorializes Dr. King's Nobel Peace Prize (1964-2014) and his 1964-Nobel Acceptance Speech in Norway:

The Global Peace Walk (Atlanta) and the proposed annual "March For Peace" will build the global peace legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthplace and also nurture Atlanta's greatest asset: "The Gandhi-King Global Peace Connection." We invite and welcome YOU and ALL to participate as a "Peace Pilgrim" regardless of where on Earth you are from.

Peacemakers from all over the Earth will be welcomed to participate in: The Global Peace Walk to Atlanta. This will a global peace pilgrimage to Dr. King's birthplace in support of the ideals that were successfully promoted through the very first decade of the Peace Millennium:
The U.N. International Decade for a Culture of Peace & Non-Violence (2000-2010)
(over 1000 peace organizations are registered)

Everyone is invited to visit Atlanta and assist us in formalizing, or transforming Dr. King's birthplace into a global capital of peace. Please check back often for more details because this website is in development. Our goal is to nurture global peace for our global family. This global peace pilgrimage will be ongoing, along with the proposed annual "March For Peace." We welcome your participation now, and well into the future decades and centuries to come. We invite your creative ideas on making the Global Peace Walk (GPW) a great success.
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